Custom Design, Custom Build

Model, Render, Fabricate

Most designs have their cat scratch phase. Whether they are napkin scribbles, notepad lines and dots or just basic hazy daydreams, they are the potential beginnings of something uniquely beautiful . Sometimes this "something" is simple enough that it comes to life without further steps between the cat scratch and fabrication phase. In most cases however..., you know there is more fine tuning to be done.   


Once the basic design is nailed down and there aren't too many moving parts to it (both literally and figuratively), moving ahead with construction is a simple matter. The wheeled corner pieces of the table on the first three pictures have been modeled solely to get the proportions right. The drafting table in the middle three pictures have been rendered to figure whether the intricacy of the design and sum of all the different parts would not become too overbearing.  


Occasionally motion analysis/validation with further adjustments are needed and sometimes you know it takes  improvising and adapting to whatever it takes.


You can check out some pieces in the Store or you call us to set up an appointment and have a conversation about your project.